How Many Animals ?

  • Where do you live?   Apartment – Single Family Home – Boat
  • What state do you live in ?  Laws vary from state to state
  • What type of animals do you have?

The best place to look is your local government website, usually under animal control section-or animal shelter section, there you should find the answer to this question.

Here in Florida for Pasco County is the following rule as posted by our local Animal Services:

Animal, Number – How many animals may I keep on my property?
It depends on how your property is zoned. In most cases, you cannot have more than nine dogs and cats total on your property at any given time. If you wish to have more than that, you may need to apply for a Special Exception by contacting Zoning and Site Development

When in doubt – call the proper authorities, some states have hefty fines for over populated animals on property or hoarding them.

Having more animals in your care then you can properly care for is very wrong, it not only puts you in jeopardy but the animals too.  There are health issues, behavioral issues and just quality of life concerns.  Especially if they are in confined area’s, cages, sheds, not adequate housing.  What kind of life do they have living that way?   We know that many times people’s hearts may be in the right place to think they are “helping” an animal by taking more and more, but in all reality, you are not if you can not give them the proper life to live.   Don’t take them out of one bad situation just to put then into another.
Remember, an animal will be in your family for many years, you are the ONLY one who will be caring for them, just like our human friends as they grow older they develop health issues, or along the way have injuries and health conditions that need medical attention, which can be very, very costly, so the more animals you have will limit the quality of care you are able to provide.  Think of yourself as well – would you like to be treated that way?  We don’t think so.  Think of all the bad publicity many over run and under staffed nursing homes have had and still do, we hear many people say, “I hope I don’t end up in a Nursing Home”,  well, if our animals could talk to us, we’re positive they would say the same thing.  “Please don’t take us and put us in a small cage and forget about us”.    Unfortunately this happens too often, not just in the residential sector but the rescue sector as well.  There are more animals that need homes then there are homes for them.

That is why so many hundreds of thousands of these innocent lives are euthanized everyday across the US.  PLEASE, don’t shop, ADOPT an animal family member or FOSTER one.   Check ALL shelters and organizations in your state/area first, visit each one, see how they are run, how friendly are the staff/volunteers who work there, how are the animals living and treated.  All of these indicators will tell you if that shelter/rescue is a true caring facility for animals or just a business, there IS a Big difference in this area and you will know right away which they are.  For more about how we feel about  traditional shelters and rescues visit our Dishing It out by the lb post page.



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