A Touchy Subject

A touchy subject in the animal world is Breeding.

Breeding is described as : A reproduction to produce offspring. To ensure a species continuation. Creating a specific species by genetic manipulations.

Breeding has been part of all species since time began.  But there is a dark side to it, especially in the domestic animal world, specifically to dogs and rare animals.
There is money to be made, period.  For some cultures this is how they survive, breeding cows, pigs, chickens most sadly as we know all too well are for consumption, food.

As for breeding of dogs, most are for the breed of the dog, specific, to be labeled as a “Thoroughbred”, or “prized”, this is where things get complicated.  Too much mixed breeding among species can actually deplete and alter that blood line, you will no longer have an animal that can be labeled Thoroughbred.  Most of this type of breeding is for the continuation of a specific species, mainly dogs, cats and horse breed lines, which are used for show purposes, racing and usually other type of money-making entities.  But lurking in the back yards of thousands of households across the planet are unscrupulous people who are breeding innocent lives of animals to make a quick profit and this is a HUGE problem and you should be concerned yourself because it cost you tax dollars.
This is a very non-regulated “industry”, there are no specific set of laws or rules currently, but those are changing thanks mainly rescue groups like Raffle Rescue who are actively participating in creating laws that govern this area. Animal shelters and animal control division in many states  are getting overwhelmed  of and endless supply of surrender animals that come their way, most of which have more than likely come from an unlicensed backyard breeder.
We are proud to be part of the Florida League of Human Voters, a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.  We are tackling this issue on a county-by-county scale.

What Raffle Rescue had proposed to begin regulating breeding was to first, make sure that people who are doing this as a “business”, obtain a breeding license at a high cost,  this is no different then having a hunting license, fishing license and so on.  Secondly, they must keep an accurate paper trail on all the animals they sell.   They are selling puppies, babies, these animals are not spayed/neutered, so there are opportunities for those who buy them to begin breeding those themselves.  Our proposal was to have those who are licensed to breed, keep records of the animals they sell, give with that animal a packet containing paperwork to be filled out by a licensed veterinarian requiring  the animal is spayed/neutered within a certain time period, mail back or take the document showing that now that animal that was “purchased” from that breeder will not continue to breed, simple.  Secondly, every animal sold by breeders be micro chipped, that way at anytime in the future should that animal show up at a shelter or rescue, they will now know exactly where they came from. Once these simple requirements are put into action, it will be much easier to regulate the breeding process, and hopefully reduce the amount of unwanted animals that end up having to be euthanized everyday.
We as citizens should be concern and as proactive as we can simply to help these little lives secondly our tax dollars go towards controlling this issue, so we do have a say in it.  A few simple ways to help.   Look around your own neighborhoods, if you think or see that someone may be backyard breeding, call the police or local animal services, you can remain anonymous, secondly, take part in your local county meetings that are addressing animal issues, this information can be given to you by your local animal services, or by visiting your local government website or you can phone them to find out what legislative meetings are taking place on various community issues, there are many other topics they cover as well, also visit the Florida of Humane Voters web site, this would be a good place to start.http://lohv-fl.com/register_vote.php

Any questions on this topic you may have, feel free to visit my web site at http://www.RaffleRescue.org


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