Why do Animals Eat Grass?


Primarily, dogs are descended from wild candies (wolves and foxes), which ate the entire “kill” when they hunted for food. Since they consumed many herbivores (plant-eating animals), they wound up eating a lot of plants and even berries found in the stomach and intestines of their prey. Interestingly, carnivores tend to go for the stomach and its contents first, so it’s likely that dogs may eat grass because they like it and it was once part of their normal diet.

At Raffle Rescue we encourage people to offer a variety of animal friendly, safe and healthy food items to their pets diets.  For instance, many dogs love raw carrots, they are good for them in many ways and a wonderful chewing alternative to non-healthy chews.   Most skin issues and health conditions with your pets start with the foods they are eating.  Too many of todays pet foods contain ingredients that some animals are sensitive to, if your pet(s) are experiencing skin or coat problems or scratching begin with switching the food you are feeding them.  If any condition lasts more than a few days or you feel is more serious, always use good pet parenting and contact your veterinarian.

Check out some on-line recipes for your pets that they will love to eat.
We like some of these at All Recipes.com   Bone’aPetite !dogchef




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