Stories and more…

From our clients stories about the animals they share their lives with.  These are just a few of the hundreds of people and animals that we have helped and continue to assist so that their animal family members may remain with them in the Forever Home they already have.   Enjoy their stories…


KS dogs 2

Maxi is the collie/Australian Shepherd mix. We have had her for 10 years. She had been beaten so badly by previous owners she was hand shy for over a year and ran when anyone raised their voice. (We have a neighbor who curses and screams at her husband and daughter frequently) She had never been inside a house before.  Everything was new to her, she was frightened by television, radio, vacuums, everything took a long time for her to adjust to.  She still digs a hole to lay in when she goes outside, like wild dogs do, and rolls in things to hide her smell.  She still never barks or makes any noise to come back inside when she is out alone.  She will wait until I come get her and giver her permission to come inside, in the rain, storm, whatever.  I have a dog house outside in case I ever forget one of them but she just sits in front of the door waiting for me, totally quiet. All the other dogs either bark or scratch at the door when they want in, not her.
She was so dirty and matted when I found her I thought she was a black border collie. She had bloody sores under the mats in her hind quarters.  I had to bathe her and cut them out before I even could take her to a groomer. Her teeth were so yellow the vet said she appeared much older than they had told me she was. She had flaky skin from a bad diet and two broken back legs that had healed so the vet could do nothing for that. He recommended putting her down.
You can see now what a beautiful dog she is with just a good diet and lots of love.  She loves everyone and is an attention hog.  Now she expects everyone to love her.  I could tell as soon as she came home that she had been around children who were kind to her because she gravitates to all kids.

KS dogs 5

Suki is the smallest, black and tan we don’t know what mix. The people who had her said her mother was a pit bull and Beau is her littermate brother. I have taken her to training classes and was told she is fear based.  She is unpredictable around everyone and everything but family.  It took a LONG time to leash train her, she was afraid of everything new.  She would love to be an only dog.  I wish I could give that to her. She is happiest when we are alone together and snuggles close next to me in bed.  She is very loving and protective of me wherever we go, barks at strangers who come into my bedroom when I am resting. I have no idea where she came from. But it was obvious she had been abused physically even though she has no obvious scars.  She is very jealous of the other dogs and anyone who takes my attention and makes it clear to everyone, even when I’m on the phone or computer, she comes nudging me for loves and constant reassurance.  She is still fearful of riding in the car and curls up in a ball in the middle of the seat the entire ride, anxious to get out or home.

KS dogs 3

Beau is the largest and is black and white. He is brother and litter mate of Suki, so his mother is a pit bull.  However, the vet told me that he is part Greater Swiss Mountain dog.  When I looked that up, he fits the description perfectly for his personality, loving, mild mannered, gentle, good with both people and animals, but protective when necessary (not very often).  He is very sociable.
He has some hearing loss and loss of sight. He won’t take a treat until I let him sniff it. He has great sense of smell.  He can’t see my hand signals or hear my commands, but he is still the perfect dog for anyone, docile, loving, cool, calm, friendly, fun.  He had obviously been abused in the same manner as his sister.  It took a long time for me to train either on the leash or riding in the car.  They both vomited every time we rode in the car for almost a year.  Now he loves car rides and hangs his head out the window.
His main fear now is loud noises, fireworks, thunderstorms. He jumps in my lap like a tiny puppy, hides in his crate, or crawls under the covers on my bed. It is a pain sometimes because he is always the last one to go out or come in from the yard because of his disabilities.  It takes him awhile to realize everyone is going anywhere.  He has to sniff all around unless I directly go and touch him softly to let him know it’s time to come in or go out.
He also whines a lot when he wants something, a treat, to go out or in, a walk, etc. I guess he realizes eventually I will give in.  He seldom barks, but it is thunderous when he does. I would be scared if I were a stranger.  He goes right to the leashes when he wants a walk and whines or stands there waiting, never giving up until I take him somewhere. Or he will run back and forth from me to whatever he wants. He is a chow hound and never seems to get full. He eats anything. (The description for Swiss Mountain dog says they will even eat leather or bark)

KS dogs 4Godric is the black lab/pit mix. My son saved him from a puppy mill when they told him he was 12 weeks old.  But he was so small I could fit him in the palm of my hand and had not yet eaten out of a bowl.  The other dogs had toy dogs bigger than him. As soon as he completed his medical treatment for worms and parasites and began a good diet, he grew fast!  He has never been abused, just neglected, so he is fearless, loves the water, would rather play with his toys than eat, and never gets tired of running.  Dr. Smith told me he was one of the smartest dogs he had ever seen.  He is a great dog, very intelligent.  He has a small patch of white on his nose and white angel wings shape on his chest, the rest is all black.  He is a clown, loves to make us laugh and entertain.


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