Seminars*Lectures and more…

Our local community events that Raffle Rescue participates in or host !  You can find dates on our Community Calendar Page.

Here Raffle Rescue was invited to Moon Lake Elementary School in Hudson, FL to speak to Mrs.Colleens Dog Club.  This is our third visit there, we usually speak to the children about Pet Care, Feeding your Pets and so on, this time Raffle Rescue invited one of the seniors we have helped, Mr. Mel, story teller extraordinaire . We told the story about Foey the horse and his adventures, each student was given a photo of Foey the horse to color for a contest, the winner won a stuffed toy Foey the horse !   We had a great time as always, we are honored to have the opportunity to speak to  the children and they love to listen and to learn about all animals.

Pictured are Founder Lisa holding a stuffed toy horse we called Foey and Mel the story teller !

DSC03634 DSC03635 DSC03636


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